Transition into a high performer and an effective team leader.

Your team is ready for you to lead them!

Participants will explore proven techniques of communicating with clarity, conviction, and poise. Become well-versed in the art of verbal and nonverbal communication in both formal and informal settings.

Move from a sluggish task-oriented performer to a high-octane, high-performance leader.

Elevate: Life Coaching Intensive is a 90-Day program that covers a range of topics and activities to help you make positive changes in your life.

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Are you struggling to integrate a successful work-life balance? Do you feel like you are far from becoming the best version of yourself? Are you tired of mediocrity and ready to agitate the status quo? Let’s get to the root of your problems together.

Are you struggling with self-doubt or self-sabotage?

Bad habits like procrastination and low morale are not just nuisances. You can’t just wish them away. They must be approached and destroyed strategically. Let us show you how.

Are you an uninspiring leader?

If you are full of hope and vision but your team is underperforming and unmotivated, the problem is your leadership style. This is a temporary problem. When you re-center your focus and strengthen your leadership capabilities, you will rise and your entire organization will also rise.

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The Vernon J. Shazier Academy creates confident, effective, champion leaders! Enroll in intensive executive communication courses designed to instruct participants to become effective communicators and achieve organizational success in one-on-one and group settings. The Vernon J. Shazier Academy offers easy to follow, detailed guides and workbooks. The academy examines the key strategies and effective tools required to engage, inform, and lead others. Participants will explore proven techniques of communicating with clarity, conviction, and poise. Become well-versed in the art of verbal and nonverbal communication in both formal and informal settings. Browse our VJS Academy courses now!

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Four Core System

Our courses support the following:

entrepreneurial growth

Our Premiere Course Offering

Are you a CEO, executive, senior manager, or coach?

Executive speech coach Vernon J. Shazier provides speaking and presentation skills coaching for executives, coaches and professional speakers.

In coaching sessions with Vernon, clients will learn, and be coached on, the three essential components of speaking: topic development, organization, and delivery. The format of the training will be costume designed around the skill level and objectives of the client.

1-on-1 Coaching Rate: $1499.00

Group Rate: $495.00 per person (min 10 attendees)

Supplementary Books: The Speech Board Technique/ Think Tablet Life Journal

  • Enhanced your career by being recognized as a highly effective communicator
  • Stand out over your competition
  • Recruit quality personal to your organization
  • Consistently develop and deliver an effective speech
  • Master how to tell your personal stories
  • Add polish to existing basic skills
  • Communicate your ideals with clarity
  • Motivate your team to perform at their highest level
  • Promote your organization by speaking at public events
  • Adapt your speech to different audiences
  • Be prepared to speak anywhere at anytime
  • Deliver speeches your audience will remember

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2000 + Clients

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Live a Champion Life!

Vernon J. Shazier is an NFL chaplain, the director of football operations at PMR Sports, a trusted business strategist, leadership development coach, president of  The  Champion  Leader, founder of the  Vernon  J.  Shazier  Academy, and senior pastor of River of Life Fellowship Church in Fort Pierce, Florida.

He is a passionate champion builder, dedicated to the continuous development of thought leaders, executives, athletes, and anyone seeking to live a meaningful life with purpose and intent.

In an ever-changing society, his strategic life blueprints, proven leadership methods, and decades of hands-on experience make Vernon J. Shazier a unique change agent equipped to inspire local, National, and global change.

The Key to Success is Understanding
the Value that you Bring Others

Our executive and personal courses help you identify the value that you wish to share with the world. Not only will we pinpoint the strongest parts of your skillset but we will identify any weaknesses and bad behaviors that prevent you from performing at the highest level of your capabilities.

Strategic Blueprints
Accountability Partners
Targeted Goals
Unbiased Perspective
Proven Success

Read what our previous students are saying

Vernon is a gifted instructor in developing innovated leadership training models that are becoming a trend in cultivating leaders at every level and in any type of organization.  As the architect of functioning as a “champion” either as a leader or a team member, he is creating a paradigm shift in his approach to preparing leaders for success in the  21st-century workplace. Vernon uses practical application as well as challenging rhetoric to cause attendees to think about what it takes to win and be at their best in their given assignment.  Our organization was greatly enriched as a result of his training.

Vernon  Shazier is not just a  powerful speaker and inspirational leader,  but a  true Champion,  change agent, and instructor. Shazier uses his creative story-telling format that shares messages of his own life story to captivate multiple audiences.  From his energy-charged lectures to his dynamic teaching style, he’s able to cross all denominations to empower and motivate each of our lives down to the core where we need it the most!  I am always inspired and uplifted after leaving any of his lecture events and I highly recommend his speaking/leadership teachings to others!

Vernon is a man of high character with an incredible heart for God and a passion for helping people grow in their knowledge of the word.  He and his wife are great spiritual leaders, and I am truly grateful to have gotten to learn life and professional skills from his excellent coaching and courses. He is a phenomenal instructor!


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